You Walk Wrong

Shoes change the
way you walk
Wearing shoes weakens
feet and creates a
need to wear shoes
Bad Shoes

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Shoes off – feels good

Why is that?
If shoes are so good for our feet, why does it feel so good to take them off?

Only 1 in 5 humans wear shoes

Humans have only worn shoes for 1,000 years
and only in great numbers for 300 years
1,000 years = 50 generations; not enough time for any evolutionary change

Shoes protect us from the ground…

…they also insulate us from it

They don’t bend where our feet bend.
They cram our toes into an un-footlike-shaped box.
There is a direct connection between many things that aile the shoe wearers of this world and their obsession with wearing shoes.

Bad backs, hip replacements, runners knee,
shin splints, achilles tendonitis,
planter fasciitis, bunions, corns,
athletes foot

They all affect the shoe wearers of this world.
The 80% of the world that habitually go barefoot have never heard of these ailments.

Shoes bind your feet

Years of wearing shoes, shape your feet to the shoe.

Shoes are actually shoe-shaped and not feet-shaped.


How heels
make you stand

Your whole body has to

How heels
make you feel

They make you feel
taller, sexier,
more powerful, etc.