Ouch! (still)

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Well it’s 6 days later and the tightness in my calves is just starting to subside.  I’ve spent the entire week not been able to walk without taking very small painful steps.  I can’t believe that it’s taken this long to start to recover.  I must have been on the verge of doing myself a real injury.  No wonder they …


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OMG!  My calves hurt.  They don’t just ache anymore, they actually hurt – a lot!  I can’t walk properly, or at all even.  What the hell was I thinking diverting from my initial plan to run around the block to thinking that I could just go off and do 5k?  My calves certainly informed me of my folly this morning, …

Running Free

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So I’ve just been for my first run in the Vivos.  And first impressions are that it felt really good.  So good in fact that although I’d only intended to run around the block, I ended up running half way around the Common.  I was actually going to run the whole of Clapham Common (5k), as I was enjoying the …

Minimalist Trainers

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A month after seeing the Vivobarefoot running shoes on Something For The Weekend my very own pair have arrived today in the post.  I’m very excited about trying them out this weekend.  I can’t wait!!!!