Are you sure about that bruv?

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Due to a trip abroad (Croatia, as you asked) I’ve had a hiatus of a week from running.  Keen to keep my feet thinking that they have to continue toughened up, I tried to be barefoot as much as possible, although didn’t do any actual running.

So with this in mind I was a little apprehensive about running last night.  I’ve spent the past 2 months running 3 times a week and building up to 6k each run.  I really didn’t want to stop this momentum.  I need not have worried.  The run was very easy on my feet and legs, the thing that was a bit of a struggle was my cardiovascular fitness level.  Not surprising really after a week of drinking and smoking.

I’ve had a few witty people trying to heckle me as my runs have now extended onto a very public Clapham Common.  I should really keep track of them here.  Last night on Clapham Common North Side, someone from a car shouted, “get your shoes on!”.  Mmm, very well thought out I thought.  A couple of weeks ago in the same spot someone shouted, “you’ve forgotten your shoes!”.  At least this was an attempt at humour.  I’ve also had a, “well done!” from a women in standing traffic on The Avenue about a month back.  But my favourite has to be the guy who was standing on Abbeville Road about 6 doors from my house where I usually end my runs.  As I stopped he stood there (in his overgrown rappers’-fashion trainers) and looked at my bare feet in horror.  As I started to get my breath back he said to me, “are you sure about that bruv?”.  I smiled back at him and replied, “yes mate, you’re the only one who’s unsure”, I then ran off around the corner grinning.

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