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So I got back this morning from 4 days at Oktoberfest and I seem to have gotten myself some sort of injury in my right foot.  I’d noticed on the 3rd day that I’d strained both my feet somehow.  It felt like I’d over used the tendons on the top of my feet, the arch formed by my leg changing direction into my foot.  I’m not sure what that bit of my foot is called. Anyway, both these felt like I’d strained something.

At the time I put it down to wearing my walking boots with my Lederhosen outfit.  As I’ve been mostly wearing minimalist shoes for the past 6 months or more, I figured my feet just weren’t used to heavy footwear.

Upon returning home, the left foot was already better, but the right foot seems to have been left with a more profound pain.  I’m hoping that it’s nothing and it will also recover in a matter of days.  I certainly won’t be doing any running and will be keeping walking to a minimum whilst it recovers.

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