Mission: Parkrun

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It’s now been nine months since I’ve ran, and there was a sixteen month hiatus before that. So I’ve some catching up to do. This last gap in my running was caused by trying too hard too fast to step up my distance and I ended up with a possible sprain in the top of my right foot.

So now I’m starting again… yet again. I’ve not been lazy in the meantime. As I couldn’t run, I started swimming every day instead. Now the weather is finally improving in the UK, it’s time to add running back to that mix, probably in the evening as I’d really like my morning swim now that it’s become a habit.

My current enthusiasm comes from setting myself a goal to do the local Parkrun barefoot. Easy you’d think. Well as I’ve discovered many times before, you can’t just run 5k barefoot. Well, you can, but you’ll spend the following week not being able to walk or descend stairs. So I plan to build the distance up over the next month or so to 5k or just under. This time I won’t run every single day, this time I’ll alternate the days, at least to start with, to allow my body some recovery time. I reserve the right to alter this plan as I go, but this is were I am with it now. Hopefully by April, or May at the latest, I’ll be in a position to do that 5k Parkrun in Richmond Park on a Saturday morning. Once I’ve cracked that once, I hope to run it every week. But that’s getting a little ahead of myself.

Over the past ten days I’ve been out for four short 1km runs, and so far, so good. Nothing has broken as yet and I’ve still been swimming every day too. It feels good to be back outside running again. I should have gotten back to this months ago, but the foul weather didn’t particularly encourage that.

Wish me luck.

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