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So I’m now wondering if my current over use injury was caused by my ability to over use.  What I mean by this is the proponents of actual barefoot running say that you should only do this actually barefoot. As the skin on the bottom of your feet will self limit the amount you do.  Meaning that you shouldn’t get injured at all, as your skin’s tenderness will slow down the amount of time you can run.  It will gradually thicken up adapting to the change, allowing you to run further over time.  This allows the rest of your feet to build strength over time and not be rushed into it by artificially protecting the planter skin on the base of you feet.

Having gone through the same thing with the other foot already, I’m not too concerned about my injury.  It will get better over the next couple of months (hopefully in time for Glastonbury, I won’t dare run till after that).  Then I’ll begin again, totally barefoot.

I think this past year has thought me a lot, and I wouldn’t have had the journey any other way.

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