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So this is the third glass splinter in my current running streak. I acquired this early on into my run and stopped a couple of times to brush away what I assumed was a tiny stone clinging to my foot under the forth metatarsal head on my left foot. But there was no stone, and as I continued the run I suspected it may be glass.

So after I’d finished and taken a shower, I set about digging it out. As I’ve noted before, digging small slivers of glass out of your foot is quite hard. It’s effectively invisible and so you can only do it by feel.

It still can hurt like hell, and this morning was no exception. Previous glass shards I’ve dug out haven’t even drawn blood. This little bugger though was 3 x 3 mm and 1 mm thick. You can easily see it in this photo, as it’s stained with my blood. It was lodged deep and didn’t initially want to come out. I almost gave up, thinking I’d use baking soda and a bath later. But one last go managed to dislodge it, and started the wound bleeding at the same time. I didn’t care; better out than in.

I think my recent run of glass is caused by two factors: I’m running everyday, so there’s more chance to get a splinter; my run starts by passing by three pubs, which spill out onto the pavement every night. I’m guessing that if a glass gets smashed on that block paved surface that tiny shards end up being left behind. I may try using the other side of the road and see if that helps.

Anyway, I just consider it an inconvenience. As, apart from the time it touched a nerve, it doesn’t stop me running and I mostly don’t realise I have a splinter until after my run.

Incidentally, I’m not using the scalpel to cut the glass out; merely in the same way you’d use a needle for the same aim. It’s just I find a scalpel a better tool for this as the wedge shaped blade is better at staying connected to the glass as I try to dislodge it. My blade of choice is a 10A blade, which was the preferred blade for graphic design paste-up, back in the days before everything was done on a computer.

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