New Year – new start

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It’s been two months since I last ran.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  I went on holiday in November last year and didn’t want to obtain an injury just before I went that could have spoiled my holiday.  Then when I got back I succumbed to various cold/flu-like illness that were doing the rounds as they usually around Xmas.  I’ve literally only just got over them.  Whilst I was ill, running was the last thing on my mind.  And also the current cold snap really isn’t helping.

It’s within this context that I tell you about my first run of the year; or rather my first couple of runs.

Prior to Xmas I’d built myself up to running 2 miles, 3 time a week.  And I’d been doing this for around 3 months.  This was to try and build up a tolerance in my soles without damaging them, that the previous strategy of trying to build up to longer runs fast was causing.  I kept having to be out of the game for weeks at a time due to overdoing it and ending up with blistered pads.

So I set out on a very cold Tuesday evening after work.  It’s dark before I even leave work at the moment, and this combined with the treat of rain didn’t make it a very nice environment to step out into.  I planned to do just one circuit of a mile loop that starts at my house.  The ground was almost frozen, probably about 1 degree.  My feet soon became numb and it’s this that I blame for my choice to continue running when I’d finished the first loop.  I decided that what the hell, I’d do two loops, with is the two miles I’d spent a month building up to at the end of last year.  It feel okay, even though I kind of knew that I was kidding myself as I couldn’t feel my soles due to the temperature.

Oddly though, it wasn’t my soles that had suffered that day, but my calves – yet again.  Although this wasn’t a patch on this injury.  That time it took several weeks before I could even walk properly again.  This time round it was just uncomfortable to walk for about 7 days.  I guess the past three years have seen some changes in my legs.  But I’m still amazed that I can’t have 8 weeks off and then not be able to run just 2 miles without bother.

Anyway, having left it 10 days, on Sunday I once again braved the cold.  This time I made my mind up to do just the one lap, 1 mile (1.6k), no matter how I felt.  I completed this no problem, again with numb feet.  The morning after I’m happy to say that there are no problems with my calves.  I’m going to do a few days in a row with this shorter 1 mile route, then step it up to twice around next week interspersed with rest days and other 1 mile runs.  Let’s see how I get on and how fast I can make it back to where I was back in November.

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