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As I write this post I’m now one day away from having run everyday for the past 100 days. Well, at least I’ve been on this track for the past 99 days, there have obviously been some days when for whatever reason it didn’t happen; I’m not a robot. But I kept track of everyday, and looking back I can see there were only 10 days out of the hundred that I didn’t run. So that averages out at a rest day every 10 days, which I think is acceptable. Common perception is that you need rest days, so I’m okay with this. As long as the intention is for me to run everyday, I’m okay with missing the odd few days.

This whole three months has been really easy for me. Before I started I worried about doing too much, getting injured, etc. But that proved to be just that; worries. It had no basis in reality and now twelve weeks on, running when I get up is so natural and normal for me now, that on the days I did need to skip it, I really missed it.

I actually skipped five days last week and so was naturally worried that my body would punish me on the first day back. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it was as if I’d not been away. This is good news and shows that the conditioning of the past three months aren’t simply thrown away with a few days off.

The weather is of course getting colder now which will make it harder to convince myself to got out in it. However I’ve already ran in an English winter and it doesn’t phase me. Besides I’m only running 2k each time, so even when I don’t fancy it, I know that once I’m out there, I’ll be done in 10 minutes and that really encourages me. However it’s probably about time I started upping my distance. I’m in two minds about how to do this. Once school of thought is to up my regular morning distance. Another is to continue my morning runs unchanged, but to start introducing the odd evening run. The morning being the status quo and the evening being the pushing for further. Both have their pros and cons. I’ll decide which way to go by next week.

I’m still chuffed that I’m now doing 14k per week without shoes. This is the most consistency I’ve ever had with my running; shod or shoeless. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

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