Ouch! (again)

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So having nursed my right foot injury for 3 months and finally declaring it better 2 months ago, I’ve acquired a similar injury on my left foot.

I’ve just got back from the Hospital to have it X-rayed.  The result?  Nothing broken.  So the only conclusion is that I have another ligament injury, a tear or hopefully just a strain.  It’s been painful to walk on now for a couple of weeks and finally I had to ease my mind by getting it X-rayed.  There was no specific incident that comes to mind where I hurt this.  I’d not actually run on it for about 4 weeks anyway as the weather had been so cold in England that I’d not felt up to it.

So whatever it is, it’s obviously an overuse injury of some sort.  Maybe yet again, my over-enthusiasm and lack of a slow pace ramping my running up to 6K 3 times a week was to blame… again.

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