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OMG!  My calves hurt.  They don’t just ache anymore, they actually hurt – a lot!  I can’t walk properly, or at all even.  What the hell was I thinking diverting from my initial plan to run around the block to thinking that I could just go off and do 5k?  My calves certainly informed me of my folly this morning, I’ve never felt anything like it.

The advice on learning to run barefoot is all about starting very very slowly.  Which I intended to do.  I’d done the stretching for a few weeks and I’d done plenty of barefoot walking.  And when it came to the running I fully intended on starting as slow as any of the training programmes out there suggest.

But something had happened to me when I eventually got out there.  I found the feeling of freedom was fantastic, addictive even.  My feet where no longer smashing away at the pavement, they were springing effortlessly along, stroking the pavement instead of punching it.  I just wanted to run and run.  This coloured my better judgement I sure am paying for it now.  Still, give it a few days and I can start again, slooooowwwwly this time.

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