Running Free

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So I’ve just been for my first run in the Vivos.  And first impressions are that it felt really good.  So good in fact that although I’d only intended to run around the block, I ended up running half way around the Common.  I was actually going to run the whole of Clapham Common (5k), as I was enjoying the feeling of freedom so much, but started to feel it in my calves halfway round and decided to cut this short.  Besides all the advice was to start very very slowly, so I didn’t want to over do it first time out.

Back home and I can really feel it in my calves.  The unnatural running style of heal-striking in padded running shoes doesn’t really use your calves so there’s a lot of reconditioning of my calves to take place over the next few months.  This tight feeling in my calves is to be expected and is no different really to post-gym aching.

I can’t believe how free and liberating this style of running felt.  This is a very good first impression, I just need to take this slowing and no over do it.

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