What’s it all about?

It’s all about how you run, and not about what’s on your feet.
Barefoot Running

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Shoes change the way you run

Shod runners use long strides
& land on their heel

This causes an unfelt
shock-wave up their leg

Resulting in most runners ailments
Barefoot runners use short strides
and land on their forefoot.
They use their legs for suspension,
not the padding in their heels.
They load their legs and joints in the
way nature intended.

What changes with shoes?

To understand the difference shoes make,
you need to understand the different human gaits.
Here they’ve been simplified into Gears:

When to change gear?

Humans automatically change gear from 1st to 2nd,
before it becomes painful on your heels, from the increased speed.

What happens if something blocks
that signal?

Like an inch of padding in
the heel of a running shoe?


You continue to use 1st gear, despite the speed,
and now you’re smashing 2x+ body-weights
through your heels, only you can’t feel it.

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch, but as your feet are used to shoes, they need time to re-build their strength.
So you must take it very slowly, which is harder than it sounds; it feels so good it’s easy to over-do it.